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How alcohol monitoring can help you in your custody battle

If issues with alcohol contributed to your divorce, you're not alone. One study found that the divorce rate rises as alcohol consumption rises. When these divorcing couples have children, balancing the safety of the kids with their ability to maintain a relationship with the alcoholic parent can be complicated.

Children who have a parent with an alcohol or other substance abuse issue are at greater risk for attention deficit disorder (ADD), low self-esteem and anxiety. They're also more likely to have problems at school and on standardized tests.

Is a spendthrift trust the right choice for your heirs?

Good parents realize that loving their children means preventing them from harm. It also means that they may need to step in at times and protect them from their own worst inclinations. Unfortunately, for some parents, the need to do this doesn't stop when their children reach adulthood.

You know your children better than anyone else. You've had a lifetime to watch how they comport themselves with money and responsibility. If you know that leaving your adult children with a lump sum of money will be problematic for them, you will do them no favors to give them unfettered access to their inheritance.

Record number of Americans are in default on their auto loans

As auto loan debt surges, so too do Americans who are struggling to meet these financial obligations. According to the New York Federal Reserve, more than 7 million people were 90 days or more behind on auto loan payments at the end of 2018. At the same time, auto loan debt increased by $584 billion. This marks the biggest increase since the federal reserve started tracking these numbers.

For many consumers, this could spell trouble. Typically, most auto loans are considered in default if the payor is 90 to 120 days behind on payments. When a car loan is in default, the lender has the right to repossess the vehicle.

Adopting a Wisconsin child isn't guaranteed

While no one expects a mom or dad to be perfect, states including Wisconsin do have guidelines in place that a prospective adoptive parent must meet in order to qualify to welcome a child into their home.

For starters, single, divorced and married individuals of all races are entitled to adopt in Wisconsin. It's not necessary for them to have experience in having previously raised their own children either. This means that the first-time parents are eligible to adopt provided that they meet all the other requirements to do so established by the state.

Wisconsin bankruptcy filings declined again in 2018

Data recently released by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for last year shows that Wisconsin continued to see a reduction in the number of bankruptcies filed in the state in 2018. The number of people pursuing this type of debt reduction starting trending downward once the economy started recovering in 2010 after the 2008 recession.

Federal data shows that there were just 16,194 individuals filing for bankruptcy in 2018 in Oshkosh and across the state of Wisconsin. This marked a decrease of 3.4 percent over the number of filings in 2017 and a staggering 46 percent decline from what it was in 2010.

Common legal battles Wisconsin companies have to face

One of the reasons that business owners take out liability insurance is to protect themselves from financial ruin if they get sued. These policies don't cover every potential concern, though. Even if they were to do so, damages are capped. While the likelihood that a company will be sued varies depending on the industry that they operate within, there are some common reasons that many businesses end up facing lawsuits.

Most lawsuits companies face come from their employees. An employer who fails to adhere to federal, state or local wage and hour laws may be sued for having violated them. One of the most common reasons that these types of claims are filed is that an employer fails to pay their hourly employees overtime or they pay less than the state minimum wage.

Oneida County may keep its lakefront zoning

As one of his final acts, Wisconsin's attorney general ruled that Oneida County can maintain their single-family housing zoning designation in a pair of lakefront areas.

Oneida County had asked the attorney general to make a ruling regarding the zoning of two lakes located in Sugar Camp. The shore area is located about 175 miles northwest of OshKosh.

Bankruptcy: Why does it happen to careful people?

There is sometimes this assumption about bankruptcy that it happens to people who spend recklessly and make obvious mistakes. While you can certainly find these situations, the reality is that careful people also find themselves facing financial problems and bankruptcy. It can happen to anyone.

For example, one of the top reasons for bankruptcy in the United States is having insurmountable medical bills. To a large degree, that may be out of your control. Careful drivers get in car accidents; healthy people get sick or contract diseases. Your financial plan may work perfectly until you suddenly have bills you never expected and cannot afford.

Things people have wrong about Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Being steeped in debt makes daily life an uncertain slog. Getting out from under a mountain of debt is possible with a little help from a professional and a few clever tools. Bankruptcy is one such tool, though the thought often drives people away before they get the facts.

The reality is that most people know more falsehoods and half-truths about bankruptcy than they know hard facts. If you are struggling with debt, one of the best ways you can advocate for yourself is to speak to an experienced attorney. They will give you specific details on your situation and help you make a plan to get your financial life out of its slump.

Business owners have an extra reason to plan estates well

It's not easy to discuss what to do with assets and properties upon a family member's death. Discussion of the end of life is always unpleasant, and descendants may have different ideas over what to do with homes and businesses. Owners of farms, people who own family businesses, farms and other major sources of revenue, however, should plan early and regularly discuss the future of their estates.

One of the first things business owners should consider is obtaining a financial analysis of their assets and liabilities. A complete picture of where a farm or operation stands in the present, along with owner's plans for the future, can help predict the complications that may apply to an estate upon the owner's death.

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