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Tips for picking your next commercial space

Do you run a business? Are you tired of operating the business out of your own home? Do you need more space for a growing company? If so, it's time to consider renting or buying commercial space for your company. This can be very challenging, especially if you don't have the budget for renovations or to build a brand new complex.

The first step in finding new commercial space for your company is to build a list of the features you'd like to have. Make sure they are attainable features, especially if you have a limited budget. The features should be ranked by a matter of importance and need.

Avoid social media when going through a divorce

Going through a divorce is a tough time in life. You've come to the realization that the marriage is no longer viable. Even though you've fought tooth and nail to save the marriage, there comes a time where you just need to admit that there's nothing else that can be done. If you file for divorce, or your spouse files for divorce, you need to refrain from social media use for a variety of reasons.

Using social media while going through a divorce can be detrimental for your case, especially if you use it to constantly bash your spouse. This will only backfire as anyone can find your post and share it with your spouse or their attorney.

Worried about co-parent problems this back to school season?

Just because you filed for divorce this past summer, it doesn't necessarily have to ruin your children's back-to-school season. As Wisconsin students and others throughout the country are heading back to their classrooms, even families with both parents living under the same roof encounter challenges. It takes time to get back into a school routine and to workout all the glitches that arise during the first few weeks.

It's a good idea, however, to acknowledge that your divorce has likely prompted numerous changes in your children's lives. Some of those changes may unfold in the school environment. Therefore, the more you discuss and plan ahead, the easier it might be to avoid problems. It's also a good idea to know how to tap into support resources, as needed.

Going back to school as a co-parent

It's that time of year again: back to school. Children all over Wisconsin are sad and disappointed that their summer has come to an end. Meanwhile, parents are anticipating the first day of school like it's their birthday. If you are involved in a co-parent relationship, it's important to handle the new school year appropriately in order to reduce your child's stress as much as possible.

There must be an open line of communication with the other parent about school issues. This can be done via text, email or phone calls. Either way, it must be done. Problems with your child's education will arise. They can be a failing grade, an incomplete project, detention, bullying and more. You must be able to talk to the other parent openly about anything that happens at your child's school.

Why do I need a bankruptcy lawyer?

Filing for bankruptcy should not be viewed as taboo, but some still struggle with the idea that they need help with their overall financial situation. When the time comes for you to file bankruptcy, the question begs to be asked, do you need a bankruptcy attorney to help you file? We will explore this option in today's post.

If you decide to file bankruptcy without the help of an attorney, you could wind up experiencing any of the following:

  • Loss of your bankruptcy discharge, which clears out all of your debt
  • You might lose property that could have been kept
  • You might be accused of fraud or perjury
  • Your case could be dismissed multiple times for the improper filing of bankruptcy documents
  • You might need to make multiple appearances in front of the bankruptcy judge, causing you to miss a lot of time at work

Advantages of a sole proprietorship

Are you thinking about starting a business? Will you be hiring any employees? If you will be the only person working with the business, operating as a sole proprietorship is your best option. There are a handful of advantages of running a business using this legal model, and we will discuss them in today's post.

An important advantage of a sole proprietorship is that you face fewer business fees. It can hundreds of dollars to register as an LLC or any other type of business. There are zero fees associated with operating as a sole proprietorship, just having to pay your income taxes every year at the state and federal levels.

How to talk to your child about a child custody arrangement

If you and the other parent of your children enter into a custody arrangement either on your own or with the help of the court, you will need to follow the arrangement to the letter. One of the most difficult areas of child custody that you need to discuss is the arrangement with your children, so they know where they will be living, going to school and who they will be spending their time with every couple of days.

Sit your children down with the other parent during a scheduled time so that you are not rushing through the discussion. Both parents should be present to tell the children what is going to happen moving forward.

How can you know which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you?

Making the choice to file for consumer bankruptcy is not easy. If you are facing this decision, it is likely because you are struggling with overwhelming debt and have no hope of paying it back without help. For many Wisconsin consumers, this is a reasonable way to make creditor harassment stop, deal with certain types of debt and obtain a better financial future. 

Deciding to move forward with a bankruptcy filing is only the first step. You will then have to decide if you will file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which are the two most common options. There are distinct differences between these two chapters, and the right choice depends on the details of your financial situation and other factors. 

Tips for avoiding contract disputes

Taking charge of a business takes a lot of dedication and willpower. You will eventually run into problems with employees, vendors, contractors and customers. There's plenty of steps you can take to avoid many of the problems companies face. The first thing you need to do is write solid contracts. But, it's possible contract disputes can arise. Here are some tips for avoiding contract disputes.

It's smart to live in the present when writing a contract, but it's also a good idea to plan for future problems. You won't be able to pinpoint every single problem your company might run into in the future, but planning for a few could help prevent some difficult contract disputes with employees, vendors and other entities.

Medical debt leads many to file for bankruptcy

Whether due to emergency room visits, an unexpected diagnosis, surgeries or more, medical bills can quickly accumulate. Even after negotiating a payment plan with your medical provider, the debt may seem never-ending.

According to CNBC, two-thirds of those filing for bankruptcy cite medical issues as a main factor in their decision. This ranks above an inability to afford mortgage payments, living beyond one’s means, financially supporting others, student loans and divorce. If you have substantial medical debt, what do you need to know?

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